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Life insurance can also be referred to as life assurance or life cover depending on the insurance company of
your choice. The general definition of life insurance is a legally binding contract between an insurance
company and an insured individual where the insured agrees to pay a certain amount of money as premium
either in lump sum or in instalments with a promise of financial benefits to designated beneficiaries, chosen by
insured individual, in case of demise or critical illness or terminal illness. It is one of the schemes that can help
you as an individual to be sure that you can sort out all the financial needs of your family even when you are
absent. Your family can use this money for child care and education, household bills, pending mortgage
payments and some insurance companies even include any final hospital bills you may have left as well as
funeral expenses in the cover. When taking life insurance, you are the determinant of how much money your
beneficiaries will receive and this will also determine how much premium you will pay. It is important to choose
an insurance company which will offer you the best policy. This will allow you to know when your life
insurance will be available for your loved ones. Some offer term life insurance which you pay for a certain
period and are only valid in case you pass away during a specifically defined period after which the benefits
cannot be payable. There is also permanent which is valid in case you pass away at any time.

Why do you need life insurance? If you have a family that depends on you as a financial pillar, your
departure may cause them more than emotional pain. This is because they will have lost whatever income
you contribute to their lives. Life insurance helps you to be sure they will not go through financial distress
upon your demise. Your partner will jot struggle and your children will be assured of completing their
education comfortably. In case you had taken a mortgage, life insurance will come in handy as your loved
ones will be able to continue making their payment on time without much struggle.

The cost of your life insurance is determined by several factors. These include; amount of money you

would wish your beneficiaries to receive, your age at the time of taking the insurance, your health, and health
history as well as that of your family, your lifestyle that is in case you are a smoker or consume alcohol, your
gender and your occupation.

Although life insurance is not an investment package, some insurance providers will offer a policy that
includes an investment product also known as an endowment policy or investment linked life assurance. For
such a policy, your premiums are divided in such a manner that some will go towards the final payments to
your beneficiaries while some will be invested. While alive you can utilize the amount invested in case of an
emergency or situations defined in your policy. Nevertheless, the final payout cannot be accessed until you
pass away in which case it will be payable to your beneficiaries.

While we hope to be with our loved ones for as long as possible, life insurance your way of ensuring you

can sort them even in your absence.

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How to choose the best prices to secure your vehicle

As you think about buying a motor insurance, be the wise consumer in terms of questioning, but if you prepare to
buy it online, be a smarter consumer, by comparing all the available motor insurance policies online before
you settle on a policy.When you go for comparing any motor insurance policy online, you give yourself a
chance to find the right thing at the right price.

While buying an insurance policy online without having conversations with Agents doesn't mean you can not
talk to the Agents.You can always set up a call or call back.

Your time is important so, Let's make it, Secure, Quick and Easy.

Information I Will Need: - Current Policy (If you have one), It will be helpful to know the current coverage.-
Driver's License Number(s)- Details of the Motor - Make, Model and Year- Odometer Reading(s)

Factors, Which Might Affect the Rate:

Cost of the Motor (Rate of the policy is proportionate to the Cost of the Motor)- Driving Record (Depends on
the current condition of the motor)- Age of the motor

(In Case, You already have an insurance for the motor and comparing it to the New Policies, Kindly make sure
to match the coverage, according to the current condition of the motor)

What Does My Policy Coverage (Few Examples, As per the Indian Market): - Accidents - Fire - Lightning
Self ignition- Explosion - Theft - Terrorism - Earthquake- Riots/Strikes - Flood - Transit (Rail, Road,
Air and Elevator)

Apart from this, Always look for the Assistance provided beyond the coverage, like- Towing- 24x“! Roadside
Assistance- 24x“! Dedicated Helpline- Minor Repairs- Delivering Backup Keys- Battery Jumpstart- n Number
of Garages, (All Over India)- Speedy Authorization of repairs to get your motor back on the road quickly- On
Road Repair and Flat Tyre Service

We also provide Top-up Covers, Like- Accident Shield- Consumable Expenses- Conveyance Benefits-
Windshield Glass Cover- Spare Car Clause

What Does It Not Cover: - Normal wear and tear- Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown- Use of the Car is
beyond the limitations (Ex. Private Car is being used as remuneration purpose)- Damage to me by a person
without a valid license- Damage under the influence of alcohol- Damage due to War or Nuclear risks
Discounts (Who Doesn't Like): - One claim-free year (n% of discount)- Two consecutive claim-free years (n+5
of discount)

Apart from these you can be eligible for getting additional discount, like- If you agree to install anti-theft
device- If you are a member of any reputed automobile association.

Smart Consumer make Smart Decisions, Smart Decisions make a person SmarterGo through the below
points for few 'Keep in Mind' hacks, before buying any policy.

What To Look For:

Comprehensive Coverage (Covers damages to the third party, as well as your own vehicle)- Add-ons, (Ex.
Emergency Road Service)- Customer Service (Ex. Instead of communicating through emails, You should
always have an Agent to talk with)- Reputation of the Company- Inclusions and Exclusions- Benefits of the
Renewal through the Company (In Case of re-buying)

Tilt's always a smart thing to be aware of What is Excluded', so you can avoid disappointments of extra
payments later.
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Securing member of the body

Securing the Extraordinary you, through Insurance Today
All members of the body are useful and important, therefore it is essential to secure member of the body.

Securing a member of the body makes it easier to adjust to circumstances when they occur.

Therefore, obtaining an insurance to secure member of the body will provide financial help and relief for you and your family.

What does it mean to secure member of the body?

To secure member of the body is to obtain an insurance that will protect the member of your body in the case of an accident or injuries.

Therefore, being responsible for your health and well-being is extremely important.

Securing the member of the body, such as your organs and limbs can bridge the gap between life and death, change and adaptability, quality of care and inadequate care.

Investing in a life insurance that will secure member of the body will also give you a secure peace of mind.

Why is it important to secure member of the body?

 Securing member of the body is being sensible about your health status.

Therefore, become proactive about the future and what can happen is important.

Thus, planning for the unexpected and preventing financial drain and embarrassment in the case of something happening can reduce financial strain and other health conditions.

Securing members of the body through insurance policies will enable you to get the quality of care and treatment needed consistently and efficiently.

Securing members of the body give you control over your health and body in the case that something happens, that may change your health status.

Securing members of the body will provide you with security in the event that something happens, you will be reassured that your body is insured and fully protected.

There are a variety of insurance coverages that can be altered to fit your financial budget and way of life.

Therefore, every individual is able to secure member of their body that will provide, both short and long-term security and health coverage.

Secure the member of the body so that they can continue to benefit you.  

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Importance of Insurance of Industrial Accidents

There is always a chance of accidents happenings in industries, on roads and at workplaces home. The best solution of industrial accidents claims is insurance which can help employees. There are many misconceptions and worries among the working group in industries. The employees usually try not to expose the injuries during working hours and do not let their supervisors know what happened to them just for the purpose to save their job and their desire not to be let off. One should immediately report to the supervisor after injury and consult a doctor. Many of people do not expose their injuries only because they think that they would be considered as weak and not efficient and for this they don't claim for medical funds from industry in case of injury even as they know that there are so many other possible ways to get help and get industrial accidents compensations i:e insurance.

Every employee should have registered himself/herself with the insurance policies of their workplace to get help in case of any accidents. If someone gets injured, he should go to a hospital immediately, get necessary medical treatments and acquire the complete documents of his/her treatment from the hospital in order to claim insurance and avoid further burdens due to accidents.

Another most important thing is that in such case, you should complete the file of the event and get the copy of a complete file from your supervisor. It is important because you need that file as you do not know how many times you will be asked such questions while getting compensation from the insurance company. Another most important step that you would need to undertake is that you will need is to hire a lawyer expert in industrial claims to have somebody at your side if the employer is not cooperative, as in such cases most employers are not very cooperative.

So in short, the best solution of your industrial accidents compensation is to get you insured and report immediately to the supervising body in order to get maximum help.

Facts Related to Industrial Accident Compensation

An accident can happen anytime and anywhere but when it happens during the work in an industry, it holds a very different value for the workers and also for the employer. The importance of such an accident at the workplace is very different as a claim for that accident can be made immediately and rightly so. There are many realities related to the industrial accident compensation that should be known to the workers. The first one is that they should know that their wage is insured with an insurance company or not and it this is not the case then the workers must speak to the employer and get it done immediately. This move will help in a lot of cases where the worker meets with an accident and is unable to work during the healing process. During that time the wage of the worker is given by the insurance company. The process to claim for such compensations is fair in the UK and the procedure is also quick and transparent.

Another fact is that the accident should be brought in the notice of the employer and the supervisor of the industry immediately. This is the first step to claiming for the industrial accident compensation. In the same way, the insurance company should also be reported about the accident and also about the degree of the accident. One needs to keep a note of the steps taken by the insurance company and the employer to get the compensation for the worker. In a case of death of the worker, all the dues of the worker should be cleared and given to their family. Compensation like provident fund and other such related refunds should be given within the stipulated time

How to Claim Industrial Accident Compensation

The worst thing that can happen to a worker in the industry is an accident. When an accident happens, the first thing that the worker needs to do is to claim for industrial accident compensation. To start the process, the worker needs to inform the employer about the accident and also about the nature and the reason of the accident. The workers also need to know whether this kind of accident comes under the claim for compensation or not. The loss is huge when a worker in not able to work. The first loss is that of the wage and second is the money spent on the treatment but with a good compensation scheme, both of the losses can be covered well.

The wages that are lost while not working can be paid by the insurance for lost wages and insurance company and the employer are responsible for this as it is the duty of the employer to get such insurance for all the workers. The second loss is related to the health insurance of the workers which is also the responsibility of the employer. In case the accident is to a major degree and the worker is not able to able to work in future, in such a situation, the compensation is made for a full and final settlement that is quite large in amount.

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