How to choose the best prices to secure your vehicle

As you think about buying a motor insurance, be the wise consumer in terms of questioning, but if you prepare to
buy it online, be a smarter consumer, by comparing all the available motor insurance policies online before
you settle on a policy.When you go for comparing any motor insurance policy online, you give yourself a
chance to find the right thing at the right price.

While buying an insurance policy online without having conversations with Agents doesn't mean you can not
talk to the Agents.You can always set up a call or call back.

Your time is important so, Let's make it, Secure, Quick and Easy.

Information I Will Need: - Current Policy (If you have one), It will be helpful to know the current coverage.-
Driver's License Number(s)- Details of the Motor - Make, Model and Year- Odometer Reading(s)

Factors, Which Might Affect the Rate:

Cost of the Motor (Rate of the policy is proportionate to the Cost of the Motor)- Driving Record (Depends on
the current condition of the motor)- Age of the motor

(In Case, You already have an insurance for the motor and comparing it to the New Policies, Kindly make sure
to match the coverage, according to the current condition of the motor)

What Does My Policy Coverage (Few Examples, As per the Indian Market): - Accidents - Fire - Lightning
Self ignition- Explosion - Theft - Terrorism - Earthquake- Riots/Strikes - Flood - Transit (Rail, Road,
Air and Elevator)

Apart from this, Always look for the Assistance provided beyond the coverage, like- Towing- 24x“! Roadside
Assistance- 24x“! Dedicated Helpline- Minor Repairs- Delivering Backup Keys- Battery Jumpstart- n Number
of Garages, (All Over India)- Speedy Authorization of repairs to get your motor back on the road quickly- On
Road Repair and Flat Tyre Service

We also provide Top-up Covers, Like- Accident Shield- Consumable Expenses- Conveyance Benefits-
Windshield Glass Cover- Spare Car Clause

What Does It Not Cover: - Normal wear and tear- Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown- Use of the Car is
beyond the limitations (Ex. Private Car is being used as remuneration purpose)- Damage to me by a person
without a valid license- Damage under the influence of alcohol- Damage due to War or Nuclear risks
Discounts (Who Doesn't Like): - One claim-free year (n% of discount)- Two consecutive claim-free years (n+5
of discount)

Apart from these you can be eligible for getting additional discount, like- If you agree to install anti-theft
device- If you are a member of any reputed automobile association.

Smart Consumer make Smart Decisions, Smart Decisions make a person SmarterGo through the below
points for few 'Keep in Mind' hacks, before buying any policy.

What To Look For:

Comprehensive Coverage (Covers damages to the third party, as well as your own vehicle)- Add-ons, (Ex.
Emergency Road Service)- Customer Service (Ex. Instead of communicating through emails, You should
always have an Agent to talk with)- Reputation of the Company- Inclusions and Exclusions- Benefits of the
Renewal through the Company (In Case of re-buying)

Tilt's always a smart thing to be aware of What is Excluded', so you can avoid disappointments of extra
payments later.