The most expensive insurance in football

Insurance is the most important thing that every one needs to have. Home insurance ,body part insurance is better to solve a plenty of problems.Moreover, if you are a well-known person in society you obviously have a lot of income ,a lot of assets and you definitely need high insurance.
Celebrities have saved their body parts or voice by insuring their body parts or voice .This is not new it exists from decades earlier.The below are the some of the most expensive Athletic insurance in football.

1.Lionel Messi
His pair of legs when La Pulga is listed as the most expensive ever insured football players, i.e. up to $126.306 billion per year.Unfortunately the world footballer of the year four times this should injury against Real Betis.He won to become the most expensive insurance with a foot in the world.

2.Cristiano Ronaldo
The second leg of this lin Cahn ya, he scored some fantastic goals.Players of Real Madrid's midfield mainstay has scored a hattrick when Portugal meets with Sweden on Tuesday(19/11/2013). An attacker who paid very high in this world is indeed a rare injury. To keep the worst thing that may happen due to the foot injury ,the stars are insured with a value of $18.044 billion per year.

3.Wayne Rooney
It looks like Manchester United due to acute injury kapok experienced 'Wazza' in the period 2004 to 2006.Finally, in 2007, the Manchester United and Wayne Rooney agreed to insure both legs worth $70.346 million.

4.Iker Casillas
Not just the strikers and midfielders goal keeper are also not to be outdone by insuring both hands.The boyfriend of Sara Carbonero is indeed very proficient in keeping Real Madrid goal, no wonder she mengansurasikan both hands valued at $1.727 billion.

A young player who recently joined the Barcelona striker's injury seems to be blocking career Cem erlang NYA.The second leg of the Brazilian striker is paid to insurance companies worth $2.615 billion.

6.Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer who is the good German Football Player has made insurance to his hands for $4.3 million.His extraordinary performance in his earlier career has given him a good scope to insure his body part.


These Athletic insurance have become as a publicity stunt or to get a lot of money on injuries.Getting insurance to our body parts is always a good thing and should not be ignored.The above mentioned are the most Athletic Insurance in football.Not only in a football field in almost every field well-known people insures their body parts for future benefits.