Top 10 reasons why your Cars should be Insured

Cars insurance is a form of general insurance under the Motor Insurance plan. Most new drivers perceive car insurance as a waste of cash as opposed to being a benefit for them. This is because of the premiums they are required to pay. But on the contrary, this is very wrong.Cars insurance is a great plan to make sure that they are covered in the nick of an accident. There are many benefits of having your car insured.

These are the reasons you should insure your car.
1. Your car is a valuable asset. I am sure it has taken you many years to finally have that attractive car you are driving today. Therefore your car is a treasure that you can’t imagine losing. It is important you protect it, and the only way you can do that is by getting insurance cover for it.
2. The law requires that every car should be insured. You don’t want to face criminal charges just because you have ignored the idea of getting insurance for your car. In all the states, the law clearly stipulates that you should have insurance for your car. For you to be able to enjoy the privilege of owning a car then adhere to the law. On top of being charged, you might also lose your driving license, and above all face a jail sentence. I am sure you don’t want any of these to happen. Always remember that nobody is above the law.
3. In the case of an accident, the cost is always exorbitant. You can avoid the fear through cars insurance.Through the package policy on cars insurance, you don’t have to worry of how you will cater for medical expenses due to an injury inflicted on you or any other person who might get injured in an accident. The insurance will also cater for your car damages.
4. If you had purchased your car through a loan from a Lending Company, remember they will always want to be paid back their money. This mostly happens when your car gets damaged beyond repair. With the cars insurance plan, you don’t have to worry about how you will repay the loan. The insurance will enable you to continue repaying the loan.
5. Your cars insurance is a form of legal shield. Remember that in the case of an accident the other party may decide to sue you for damages inflicted on his or her car. This means there will be a lot of money required to cater for the services of an attorney who will handle the lawsuit emanating from accusations. Your cars insurance helps you in handling this stress-free.
6. The cars insurance will help you in avoiding bankrupt. If you have not insured you car, and an accident occurs, it is possible to end up bankrupt if you don’t handle the situation well. In the aftermath of an accident, you will find that you are spending a lot of money through public transport. As a result, you might end up taking a loan and excessive use of credit cards. To avoid all this, just get an insurance cover for your car.
7. Provision of protection against accident non-related scenarios. Take a case whereby you have been carjacked and your car is stolen. In case this occurs, your cars insurance will help you in getting another one.
8. Protection during natural calamities. Think of a situation whereby, a tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, or maybe a landslide damages your car. If you have not insured your car, it means that you are back to square one. Let your cars insurance be your shield and defender in such times.
9. Your car helps in getting to work in time. It is, therefore, important to provide an insurance cover for it. Your car being damaged doesn’t mean that your boss doesn’t require you to be at work. The seat only gets hotter for you. Be in a position to have your car repaired stress-free by having an insurance cover.
10. The source of serenity/peace of mind. Since the cars insurance takes care of most of the issues related to a car accident, you are able to relax and wait. At the same time, your job performance will remain excellent.

Now, you have all the reasons to go to the insurance company and insure your car. Your cars insurance= “ a happy life.”