Home property insurance is a form of protection from the risks that might occur in the future. These risks include damage from floods, landslides, earthquakes, fires, and others. Basically, no man in this world who wants his house damaged by the disaster. As a form of prevention and protection against home security in the future is to insurance. With the insurance on our homes, if one day there is damage and losses it does not need a headache thinking about the cost of repairs. Because all costs losses will be covered by insurance.
Benefits of Home Insurance
Here are the benefits of home property insurance.
1. Freedom from financial loss
2. Got safety and tranquility
3. Protected from the risk of disasters
4. Protect all materials (treasure)

Considerations before insuring homes
Various considerations that must be considered before insuring homes, namely:
1. Warranty protection
Pay attention and understand carefully the risk of occurrence of protected and which are not included in the home insurance (not protected). Suppose the only protection for the house or building and its contents. Keep on the type of disaster risk what is included in the protection? Eg floods, landslides, earthquakes, and others. All of it must be clear that you are not disappointed and felt cheated in the future.
2. The value of coverage
The insurance or financial turnover is the total value of turnover against all the damage costs to be incurred in the home insurance to the original condition (before the disaster). Replacement value should be based on the present value is not on the current value used to build.

3. Ability to pay insurance premiums
Home insurance premiums represent premiums economically. This means that the greater the value of coverage and expansion of collateral taken, the greater the premium cost.
4. Choice of insurance
Choosing a standard insurance policy and the expansion is a good thing. The standard policy usually will replace the risk posed by fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft downfall but did not want to risk caused by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and others. To protect homes from the risk of natural disasters it should extend additional premium to the clause. And if the house is located a disaster-prone areas should take out an insurance policy manifold Property All Risk.

5. Ease of insurance claims
Note the procedures and processes of insurance companies claim that followed. This can be done by finding reliable information on lunge insurance companies will be selected.

6. Insurance Policy
Learn about the policy the insurance company to be taken by both the insurance company and ask if there is a policy that is unclear and how easier access to up to date with the latest information about insurance that will be followed.